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Awesome Features

just a few good reasons to download!

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Easy installation

Minecraft Tweaker will install modifications in few click, without hassle and create uninstall link in Add / Remove programs so you are able to restore all changes made by Minecraft Tweaker when needed.

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You will get popular modifications

Minecraft Tweaker will install all available mods like OptiFine, Forge (optional), Xaeros’s Minimap Mod (optional), Zan's Minimap Mod (older) and Rei's Minimap (optional), optimizes settings (many types), optimized libraries and more to boost your FPS! Also feel free to install your favorie modifications after Minecraft Tweaker!

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Automatic updates

You will never miss any updates of the product or modifications. Minecraft Tweaker Updater will get you informed about latest updates.

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Automatic repair of modifications

Have you issues with Forge or OptiFine? Have you tried everything without success? No problem! Minecraft Tweaker will try to fix any issues with these modifications during installation process!

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Last update: 2019-03-18 | Lang.: EN & CZ | Older versions may contain OpenCandy.